Without End

Movie under the Stars
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Derived from the Sanskrit word meaning “without end”, the word “Anantara” embraces the excitement of discovery and the vibrant energy of new horizons. True to the concept of infinity, boundlessness, and the eternal nature of the universe, we experienced our first movie under the stars at ANANTARA DESARU recently for a birthday celebration.

The Welcome reception
Welcome reception we needed much due to the hot weather. The flower like cookies (Achu Murukku) were good.
Evening walk on the beach
An evening stroll at the beach was very therapeutic to the foot.
Beautiful Night stroll at the resort
After dinner at Sea.Fire.Salt, we went for a stroll within the resort. Beautiful night view

It was beautiful and relaxing. We start the 1st evening with Movie under the Stars and the movie we watched was a comedy Daddy Day Camp (2007). The movie is about two fathers launch a summer day camp for children to provide them with the luxuries they never experienced. However, they soon face foreclosure and have to enlist outside help to keep it afloat.

Congkak and Trishaw display at Turmeric Cafe
Cycling around the resort is very relaxing pastime

Congkak is a traditional Southeast Asian game that is popular in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, and other nearby countries. The game is played on a wooden board with rows of small holes or cups. Each player has their own row of holes, and the game involves moving small stones, seeds, or beads around the board according to specific rules. The objective of the game is to capture as many seeds as possible from your opponent’s side and place them into your own store (usually a larger hole at the end of your row). The player with the most seeds in their store at the end of the game wins.

A trishaw, also known as a cycle rickshaw or pedicab, is a three-wheeled vehicle that is human-powered. It typically consists of a bicycle with a sidecar-like compartment for passengers. The driver, or rickshaw puller, pedals the trishaw to move it forward.

Birthday surprise celebration
A nature walk to appreciate the flowers, birds and insects
a good spread for Breakfast buffet overlooking the pool

The Legend of Naupaka is a popular Hawaiian folk story that tells the tale of two lovers, one a princess and the other a commoner, who are separated by fate and transformed into different forms of a native plant, naupaka.

There are two common varieties of naupaka in Hawaii, each with distinct flowers. One variety, known as Naupaka Kahakai, grows near the ocean, while the other, Naupaka Kuahiwi, is found in the upland or mountainous regions.

According to the legend, a Hawaiian princess named Naupaka fell in love with a commoner. However, their love was forbidden by the gods because of their disparate social statuses. The couple sought help from a kahuna (priest or wise person), who told them that they could not be together in their current forms.

In a moment of desperation, the princess tore a flower in half, giving one half to her lover, and took the other half to the mountains. The two halves of the flower represent their love and the sacrifice they made for it.

The Naupaka Kahakai, which grows near the ocean, has half-flowers with rounded petals. The Naupaka Kuahiwi, which grows in the mountains, has half-flowers with tapered or pointed petals. According to the legend, when these two halves are reunited, the lovers will be together once more.

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