The Historical City

Chicken Rice Ball

For the 2018 March school holidays, we took the opportunity to make a trip back to Melaka , the Historical City where it all began .

As we had always missed the famous chicken rice ball – which is very famous in Melaka , I though off bringing the kids there to try it out. It was very hot weather in March -(therefore remember to wear light .  As it was the school holidays, we anticipated a long queue. But lucky enough and due to good planning , we only queued for about half an hour before getting a comfortable table . We all not only finished out dishes but ordered another 10 rice balls , and guess what . The restaurant only allow us to add another 5. Apparently it has a quota and its running out fast. I am glad we did and my kids loved it. So when ask which is the best among the many famous food in Melaka – the Wantan Noodle, The Fried Oyster, The YONG TAU FOO etc, the Chicken Rice Ball received the unanimous vote.

After a heavy meal we went to the oldest temple in Malaysia, – The Chan Hoon Teng Temple. The temple is just a walking distance from the restaurant and located behind the Jonker Street. Along the stroll , there are many shops selling souvenirs and feng shui products. History has it that during the World War 2 and Japanese Occupation , many civilians take refuge there. Amidst the heavy air bombing , only one hit the back lane of the temple and no one was injured.

Oh Ya , do you know what Malacca is the go to places for Singaporean looking for good and cheap seafood too i.e. Crab either in Black Pepper , Chili or Salted Egg.

Built in 1704, Cheng Hoon Teng was awarded a UNESCO  award for outstanding architectural restoration in 2003. The city is best explored on a bicycle. Explore the historical sites on bicycle:- the glory of the Malacca Sultanate and its brave warriors the likes of HANG TUAH vs HANG JEBAT, how the empire was given birth by an Indonesian Prince from Palembang, how Melaka got its name , immerse yourself in the rich culture when the early Chinese settlers as part of the entourage of Princess HANG LI POH came to settle down in Malacca as part of diplomatic exchange with the Sultan of Melaka and the eventual collapse of the Sultanate to the Portugese in 1511.

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