The Good Old Days

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School holidays is just around the corner . School holidays is just around the corner. What to do ? Better think of something to do else the kids will be wasting their time on scrolling YOUTUBE , playing MOBILE GAMES , watching tons of NETFFLIX or just clicking away on FACEBOOK/ INSTAGRAM.

When young , during the school holidays it means carts like this will come buy to sell some snacks and goodies . Some come on motorbike too where we will get our daily supplies of bread for the next school day. But when school holidays come and it means more outdoor activities in the evening , it is buying snacks like MAMEE, SUPER RING , ICECREAM POTONG (they call it) and many more.

Surprisingly during the lock down we see a rejuvenation of selling this way because people are either lazy or not keen to go out due to the high risk of exposing themselves to viruses.

Puzzle – Just do it . It is really fun. For photos memory and/or other brain teasing toy, you can check our other posts for some ideas and website. We chose a world map to encourage curiosity on what lies beyond Malaysia and also as a Geography project .

We use to collect photos for memory , or an array of photos for the year made into the following year’s calendar .However today with the advent of social media , and for their graduation from primary school , I did a graduation video for them as they would miss their primary school convocation as well.

With the lock down still in place in most part of the nation, where can we go for holiday. Many may not be comfortable to go anywhere too considering there is currently no vaccine for those below 12 years of age.

So comes the good old ways – JIGSAW PUZZLE to the rescue.

This year the twin boys were suppose to take the Primary School Leaving Exam (UPSR) however due to the pandemic, it was abolished for good. This also to encourage more fun into learning rather than being too exam – oriented. Doing puzzle is fun and train the grey matter. Another good toy to work with the the cubic cube. it really work wonders on the brain .

And yes, the good old way always include some amount of television time . And yes, we did sign up for one months of NETFLIX and watch some movies for some good family get together time.

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