Regensburg, I miss you so much

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It has been 18 years since I last saw the St Peter’s Dom and the Stone Bridge of Regensburg. As many of my readers has gave many positive comments and words of encouragement for my post on Munich, Germany , I thought it would be a great time to make a nostalgic trip back to Regensurg.

Regensburg is about 1 and 1/2 hour by train to the north from Munich . In Jan 2019, Munich experienced a high snow fall she has not experienced in the last 15 years. Wow!

There is a legend that the bridge builder and the Cathedral ( St Peter’s Dom) builder (who were apprentice and master) had a bet as to who would finish first. When the building of the cathedral progressed faster than that of the bridge, the bridge builder made a pact with the Devil: the Devil would aid him in exchange for the first three souls (or the first eight feet) to cross the bridge. The Devil helped as requested, and the bridge was finished first. But the bridge builder sent a rooster, a hen and a dog across the bridge first. Enraged, the Devil attempted to destroy the bridge, but failed, but that is why it is bent.

So What has changed over the last 2 decades. There is now a big Mall (REGENSBURG ARCADEN) just behind the main train station (HAUPBAHNHOF). I could have more things to do then if the mall had been there 18 years ago. With the free wi-fi connectivity in the mall and smartphone technology potential that we have today, it would have been a great stay . Not to mention a big CINEMAXX just next door of the mall .

But the stone bridge has been renovated . The stones has been replaced from the original due to deterioration from many reasons. This except for the lookout apprentice structure , I can only say I was here on the original stone bridge.

When I arrived from Munich , it was snowing heavily . When I left for Munich , it was drizzling heavily. Good bye Regensburg. You will always have a place in my heart. And see you — in 18 years ?

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