Light at the end of the tunnel

HotPot CNY
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YEH! Soon I will be able to travel again . Travel plan include for domestic travel within Malaysia only. I believe everybody can’t wait to explore the beauty outside after months of on and off MCO (Movement Control Order) . As we are not able to cross district or cross state, stay close with your family via technology

As I am writing this the first Pfizer- Biontech vaccine for COVID-19 from Brussels , Belgium just touched down at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport . Yes there is a first time for everything . For example , first time Work from Home (WFH) , first time using QR code for my blog etc.

I am sure, almost everybody has trained their cooking skill during the MCO. Some maybe the first time to try it out in the kitchen, with the new oven, try different recipe etc. Probably by now they have run out of new recipe to cook.

For the kids they have managed to learn how to ride a bicycle. For this Chinese New Year , we were not able to go back to our hometown due to the restrictions on cross district and cross border. Therefore we did a first hotpot for reunion dinner .

Once the MCO is over , we will go JALAN-JALAN CARI MAKAN. The first destination is to; This is my Bucket list – a trip around Malaysia. See you all there

In my previous blog, I ask you about your travelling buddy. This 2021 family reunion remind us also the importance of family, to appreciate our family more when we are able to meet and dine together again.

Because only your family allow you to Fall in love with becoming the best version of yourself.

Only your family allow you to Never be ashamed of yourself, be proud of who you are and don’t bother about how other people see you.

Happy Chinese New Year 2021 . May the Ox year charge away the pandemic soon. At the meantime stay safe , stay healthy and get yourself vaccinated. For yourself and your love ones.