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Yes this is the song made popular by Kylie Minoque in the 80s.

China is not short of unique buildings. A case in point is the InterContinental Hangzhou, which I have been to with a spherical shape. Here in GUANGZHOU you have the Lucky Coin building or sometimes called Guangzhou Yuan building, Guangzhou Circle- the rightmost building

Canton Tower
Oriental Pearl TV Tower in Shanghai

Guangzhou Circle (Chinese: 广州圆大厦) is a landmark building located in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, China. Located at the south west boundary of the city, the building stands on the bank of the Pearl River. Designed by the Italian architect Joseph Di Pasquale, the Guangzhou Circle was completed in 2013. The building’s distinctive circular shape and its numerous windows give it the appearance of a giant, standing ring. It is 138 meters tall and consists of 33 floors.

Many other meanings are linked with the building: the iconic value of jade discs and numerological tradition of Fengshui. In particular, the double disc of jade (bi-disk) is an ancient royal symbol of a Chinese dynasty which ruled in this area around 2000 years ago. The building reflection in the water of the river creates the same type of image: a double jade bi-disc. This figure also corresponds to the number 8 and the infinity symbol, which has a strong propitiatory value in Chinese culture

This trip I fly from Singapore to Guangzhou on China Southern Airlines and look who is landing together with us. Another airplane in the horizon.

This is a first LUCKY sign.

When I landed at BAIYUN airport and on the way to the hotel , I caught a glimpse of a rainbow colored clouds. Took a photos but it did not turn out as colorful as the observed with the naked eye.

From Guangzhou I fly to WUHU

With a pleasant surprise from the crew members, I was able to celebrate my birthday 10,000m above the South China Sea.
The flight path from Shanghai Pudong Airport to Singapore Changi Airport.

I fly back from Shanghai with China Eastern Airlines. A great shoutout to the crew for such a pleasant surprise that made my birthday memorable and unforgettable.

Thanks you all for your Birthday wishes

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