Bucket List for Melaka

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Happy Belated Chinese New Year of the pig (2019), everyone. After all the good food – Reunion Dinner, cookies, barbecued meat , carbonated drinks …..endless eating, drinking , eating drinking …..its about time to go back to the gym burn those fats and detox. During festivities , we normally have slip into making less-healthy food choices and often have fried foods, processed meat, dairy, gluten, processed foods, refined sugar or fast food

But to detox in a healthy manner , do not wait until your body screams for detoxifying. Detox should be carried out on a regular basis. Even motorcars need regular servicing i.e. change the lubrication , engine oil etc. However many detox products are just purging the big and small intestines. What about our lungs , kidneys and liver etc. from 2nd hand cigarettes smoke at home , artificial fragrances and household chemicals not mentioning exposure to common environmental toxins such as carbon emissions, herbicides and pesticides. So we need to plan in many thing – for a good health, financial planning and places to go :-

I can only remember vaguely my childhood at my grandpa’s rubber plantation where me, my siblings and cousins played hide and seek. Maybe I would stay at one of these one of these days –

  • The Rubber Escape. Let me check it out and let you guys know.
  • I will also try the Turtle Conservation and you may not need to go to the East Coast just to watch the turtle
  • And have a stroll and enjoy some dinner food at MACHAP Walk (night market)
  • It has been a long time since I went to A’Famosa Theme Park and nearby Freeport A’FAMOSA Outlet – so maybe we can make a trip there again

When in Melaka, I would generally stay at

  • HOLIDAY INN which is near to DATARAN PAHLAWAN,
  • Double Tree HILTON both near to MELAKA RAYA. These 2 would be good especially during Chinese New Year as they can be accessible without the traffic jam unlike IBIS Hotel which is on the way to the City ( UNESCO Heritage Site)
  • IBIS HOTEL which is close to our regular good food for WANTAN Noodle/ Fried Oyster at JALAN BUNGA RAYA and YONG TAU FOO at BUKIT CHINA.
  • There is a new hotel in town which I will try out soon – Courtyard by Marriott Melaka

A red-lanterns decorate street in sleepy MELAKA especially during Chinese New Year gives it a very unique traditional (in the mood) feel

Crab in all types of flavor i.e. KAMHEONG, SALTED etc.

Many tourists go to Melaka for the crab and many restaurants offer it – like this one at JALAN TEMENGGONG.

TEMENGGONG is an old Malay and Javanese title of nobility, usually given to the chief of public security.

Yes, OCTOBERFEST is well celebrated not only at its origin, Munich (MUNCHEN), Germany but everywhere around the world i.e. Singapore, Melaka, QINGDAO.

Before Covid, it was held annually at the luxury RAMADA Hotel, which fell victim to COVID lockdown. Anyone knows if this is still celebrated in Melaka and where to go to enjoy the celebration, do write your comment below. Thanks

History Lesson:

Melaka (also known as Malacca) is a historical city where it all began for Malaysia. As a powerful and influential city in the region, Melaka was the first Malaysian city to be colonized by the Portuguese, then the Dutch, the British and the Japanese.

The founder and first ruler of Malacca, Paramesvara (d. 1424, Malacca), a Sumatran prince who had fled his native Palembang under Javanese attack, established himself briefly in Temasek (now Singapore) and settled in Malacca in the last years of the 14th century or early in the 15th.

According to legend, the site that is now Malacca City was named Malaka when Parameswara, a Sumatran prince arrived there. While he was resting under a tree known as a Malacca tree, he saw his warrior’s hunting dogs were challenged and kicked into a river by a tiny mouse deer. Bewildered by this, he chose to name the site Malaka after the tree under which he was sitting.

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