Better Safe Than Sorry

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You know what , in the course of my career I have done a number of business trip . Many are interesting, some are exciting and occasionally some are going to dangerous places. Yes, there was once I had to travel to Papua New Guinea.

Air Niugini from Port Moresby to Lae

I arrived in Port Moresby , the capital. Upon arrival at the airport , to the hotel and back to the airport , it is always escorted with armed personnel and reinforced van . The guards told me that the journey between the airport and city , where the hotel is located passes through some deserted area where sometimes there could be a civil war between the different clans.

What made it worse was during the course of the week of the business trip , I had to fly to Lae . Port Moresby is located south of Papua New Guinea , while Lae is located north of the island. The air travel shortest distance between Port Moresby and Lae is 302 km, taking about 0,32 hour . I fly domestic with AIR NIUGINI. It was a trip that people tell me to be always on guard, never go out alone at night etc. Therefore I only stayed in the hotel and had not got out after the business discussion at the clients office were over. The client arrange for transport to and from hotel.

But you know what – I got some comfort when I saw a familiar name – MAYBANK PAPUA NEW GUINEA . If you ever go to any one of these challenging, exciting and exotic places like I had to (no regrets) , don’t forget to be comprehensively and adequately insured.

Stacy Adams

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