Beautiful Hangzhou

Caryfish Season
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Yes, Hangzhou is known for its scenic view of the beautiful West Lake , historically for the birth place of the famous and loyal GENERAL of War , YUE FEI who was maligned and executed.

YUE FEI temple dedicated to the highly regarded and patriotic General is located just north of the beautiful West Lake, the very famous lake of Hangzhou

YUE FEI (pronounced Yweh-Fay) is one of China’s most celebrated generals. Born at the end of the Northern Song Dynasty, Yue Fei (1103–1142 C.E.) was known not only for his military successes, but also for his high ethical standards and filial piety. Knowing that as a young lad, torn between wanting to serve his country and taking good care of his ageing parent,  to encourage him, his mother asked him to take off his shirt. She then tattooed four Chinese characters on his back: jing zhong bao guo—“serve the country loyally.”

As in real life, any major accomplishments attracts envy and jealousy. Through a web of schemes , plots and lies, YUE FEI was stripped of his power and the emperor was convinced through the influence of a magistrate named Qin Hui sentenced YEU FEI to death on trumped up charges. Yue Fei was 39 years old.

What’s more Hangzhou was also the  hometown of ALIBABA , the top e-commerce market place and its creator , Jack Ma. It is also known for a seasoned small shelled lobster (crayfish) , well known in this east part of China during the Jun – Sept period. Remember to burn off the calories and cholesterol after a hearty meal though.

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